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Jiaozuo Qiangxin MIM technology Co.,Ltd. is a research and development, production and trade of high-tech enterprises. The company is the first civilian to military technology for the production and development of high-tech enterprises. Metal powder injection molding (referred to as MIM) technology is a new type of near net shape technology. It is a set of plastic injection molding technology, polymer chemistry, powder metallurgy technology and metal materials science and other subjects of mutual penetration cross product can be injection molded using a mold blank rapid manufacturing by sintering high-density, high-precision, high-strength three-dimensional structure of complex shape parts, especially the use of complex shape machining process for machining or difficult to process small parts, MIM technology can be freely completed, and has a low cost, high efficiency, consistency and good, easy to form the bulk production, known as today's most popular parts molding technology. The company has domestic advanced and mature MIM technology, a full set of computer-controlled modern professional production equipment, sound and advanced quality control and testing systems, scientific modern enterprise management mode, can provide our clients from product design and development to support the entire service process. The company has reached 150 tons of powder metallurgy injection molding production capacity, development and production of ferroalloys, copper, nickel, tungsten alloy, stainless steel powder metallurgy products are widely used in automotive, aerospace, household appliances, military, medical equipment, computer, textile machinery and other fields. Depending on the quality of life, and constantly improve the internal management, improve product quality and services. Companies with modern management system, high-quality workforce, improved detection methods, advanced processing equipment, high-quality products to our customers return.p>

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